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Vice Principal’ Preface

Shahnawaj Rahmotulla


Nowadays internet has radically changed the way of life in Bangladesh as well as the whole world and has also changed many of our conventional ideas. The Internet has revolutionized the field of communication The world today has come to a place where the need for a website is essential for every conscious individual or organization. Millions of websites worldwide are being used as virtual spokesperson offices for various individuals, organizations and institutions. The importance of a website in today’s world is hard to express in words. A website is a communication medium where a person or an organization is able to present details of themselves or their organization’s information services to a large number of people in a very short time at a low cost. A quality website can play an effective role as the official mouthiece of any organization. Through a website, all the updated information of any educational
institution can be easily obtained by the students, parents, teachers and employees of the institution in a moment. Notice, result, attendance of students and faculty or staff, all this can be known through the website. The website of the organization is of great importance. A website can improve the education system immeasurably Students from metropolitan and urban areas are privileged in almost every way. However, educational institutions have no choice but to develop their own websites to help thousands of students with relevant information. In this effort, Sapleja Model High School has created its own website system. I feel that the subjects mentioned in this ‘website’ are absolutely necessary for a modern and dynamic education system. I wish The Millennium Stars School and College all the progress and its reputation spread across the country and the world through the website.


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