Today [Today] Total Present Absent View
Student 1200 1000 200 Details...
Teachers 170 165 5 Details...
Stuffs 200 198 2 Details...
Vacant Info Total Class/ Depertment/ Field
Student 40 Click to see available possition
Teacher 7 Click to see available possition
Stuffs 3 Click to see available possition
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Promotion policy

  1. Final result will be published after making an average of two terms result
  2. The pass percentage for individual classes will be as under:
      1. Nursery & KG           –           70% of the total marks
      2.         Std. I & II           –           70% of the total marks
      3.         Std. III to V        –          65% of the total marks
      4.         Std. VI to VIII    –         60% of the total marks
      5.         Std. IX & X          –         55% of the total marks
    • If a student misses any exam due to genuine sickness/ injury/accident/ admission to hospital/placed in bed rest, the marks of subjects shall be calculated basing on the mark obtained in any other term
    • If any student misses exam without valid reason/ without approval from the authority, he/she shall not be awarded any mark for the subject missed
    • Re-exam will never be conducted for the student who misses exams
    • Any student failing in one subject shall not be promoted. He/She may be kept in the same class with the request of parent
    • Students failing in more than one subject shall be given T.C.
    • Student failing in the same class for consecutive two years shall be given TC
    • Subject teachers shall initiate cases of weak students for onward transmission to parents
    • Weak students must be taken care of separately by the subject teachers through extra classes after the normal academic periods
    • Average marks for each subject shall be calculated with the addition of CT & term end exam

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