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Library and Laboratory


The Millennium Stars School & College has a rich library containing about different books, Besides, syllabus boos it has a large collection of books on liberation wars, Science, Games & Sports, Religious books, Novels, General Knowledge, Fictions, Magazine, Journals, Daily Newspapers, History etc. to enrich the knowledge of young learners. The library principally serves both staff and students in this institution. Students and Teachers can borrow books from the library using library card.

Library facilities:

  1. Students and teachers can borrow books
  2. Students have regular scheduled class periods in the library
  3. Preserves question papers of the public and internal exams

Useful Resources:

• Library Guide

• Library Catalog


Computer Lab:

The Millennium Stars School & College have Virtual Computer Lab which has been established in 2013. The computer labs are available for general students use and use by Teachers and Staffs. The Lab is not available for general use when there are classes in session.

Lab includes:

• Windows 07/Microsoft Office 2007

• Projector

• Star Board

• Full multimedia computer

• Full internet access

• Printer



The Millennium Stars School & College has rich Physics Lab. This lab gives students an in-depth experience in experimental physics so that they can understand how laboratory measurements test concepts in physics. Support facilities make it possible to extend and modify the individual experiments. From literature references students are expected to design their experiments, assemble and perhaps partially construct the apparatus, and report on the results in the form of a technical paper.


Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the study of matter, its physical and chemical properties, its chemical composition, the physical and chemical changes which it undergoes and the energy changes that accompany these properties. Chemistry is the science that asks questions about materials, the difference between them, how they react with one another and how heat or other forms of energy affect them.

A chemistry laboratory is a place where necessary equipment’s, chemicals and adequate facilities are provided to test certain concepts, theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom and also from the book.


During the study of life science, students have to spend a great deal of time in the laboratory. The work in the laboratory can be very effective, interesting and fruitful, if certain basic techniques and rules are observed. Below are given some important rules, which if followed faithfully, will help the students throughout their biology curse.

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