Our Motto – The Millennium Stars School & College, Rangpur
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Our Motto

Motto : “Knowledge is power”

Our Aim is

To ensure quality education in modern method to educate Defence and Civil wards.
To encourage the students to join Defence Service.

Our Objectives are

  • To encourage the students to achieve the qualities of a good citizen by ensuring social, humanitarian and moral education.
  • To mould a student as an ideal citizen with the spirit and values of liberation war and sense of patriotism.
  • To modernize their knowledge by ensuring their participation in extra curricular activities.
  • To ensure their participation in group work to raise their unity, fellow feeling and co-operation.
  • To assist the students to be confident by dint of their individual thoughts and activities.
  • To inspire our students for simple living and dignified thinking.
  • To inspire our students to accept honesty as their philosophy of life.
  • To motivate the students to make supreme sacrifice for their parents, family, society and country.
  • To groom the students as an asset for the nation.
  • To provide friendly environment for the special children.

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