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General rules of TMSSCR

    1. While entering the Institution pay due respect saying “Assalamu-Alaikum” to all faculty members and those who are senior in age
    2. Before joining TMSSCR ensure the following
      1.  Dress is clean, tidy and ironed properly
      2. Shoes are cleaned and coloured
      3. Have a proper haircut
      4. Girls hair is tied with white ribbon in two pony tails braided. Nails of your finger are properly trimmed
      5. Girls are not wearing ear top, any fancy watch and hair clips
      6. Only ear ring is allowed. You had bath in the morning and also brushed your teeth
      7. properly. You do not visit roadside shops
    1. Before joining class ensure the following:
      1. Have prepared your lessons for the day.
      2. Have completed the home assignments.
      3. Don’t move around in Verandah/Corridor during class hour.
      4. Use the wash room earmarked for respective class.
    2. While visiting wash room, ensure:
      1. Have flushed it before leaving the toilet.
      2. If it is not cleaned by flushing, make sure that enough water is poured and got it cleaned.
      3. No sprinkle water in the wash room is used to avoid accident
    3. Senior students to be addressed as:
      1. To male students – (Bhaiya)
      2. To girl students   – (Apa)
      3. Male students must be very formal with their female class mates. Under no
        circumstances any one can afford to be funny with them. The relationship with them will be cordial but formal. They should be treated like your own sisters. Any complaint from any girl will be considered as an offense and will be dealt with severely.
    4. Behavior with class mates, seniors & juniors:
      1. Remember, that students are from different backgrounds & from different areas of the country are classmates.
      2. Every human being is different from other, some body may be emotional, irritable or unsocial but everyone should try to behave ideally.
      3. For minor things do not start quarreling.
      4. Remember – beating, grouping & hooliganism can never solve any problem, rather it
        breeds the problem.
      5. For any problem in the school – may it be a misunderstanding with any classmate or any problem of oneself – bring it to the knowledge of the class teacher.
    5. TMSSCR Property:

1. Ensure following to save the TMSSCR property.

      • Switch off the fan & light before leaving the classroom.
      • Own desk should be kept clean.
      • For any odd situation inform office.
    1. Personal Properties:

a.  Take care of your personal properties like (1) Bag, (2) Pen, (3) Books, (4) Calculator, (5) Wristwatch, etc.

b.  Keep all these items inside bag under lock and key.

c.    In case of loosing personal belongings –owner to be punished for negligence of duties. Be vigilant and careful so that personal belongings are not stolen.

    1. Tea break:

a.  Bring your tiffin from home. Consume it in your classroom.

b. In case of not bringing tiffin from home, you may get the same from TMSSCR canteen at a reasonable price.

c.  When you enter the canteen, stand in the queue and wait for your turn. Don’t break the line.

d. If you have any suggestions about the canteen bring it to the knowledge of school captain/prefect.

    1. School attendance:

a.  100% attendance in the class is compulsory for every student.

b.  Any way less than that will be viewed negatively.

    1. Examinations:

a.  There will be class, monthly tests and term end examinations. Each Examination is compulsory for every student.

b.  Any student missing 03 Examinations consecutively shall be considered as failed.

c. Each student must obtain requisite marks in each exam as per promotion policy.

    1. Study at home:

a.  Must cover the lesson which will be taught on the next day.

b.  Must study at least 06 hrs a day.

c.  Don’t keep any work pending.

    1. Behaviour during the class:

a.Be attentive.

b.  Clear your doubts during the class.

c.   Don’t disturb others.

d.   Carry books regularly.

e.         Seat as per seat plan

    1. Clubs & Societies:

The following clubs & societies are in function:

(1)        English literary club

(2)        Science club

(3)        Computer club

(4)        Music club

(5)        Arts & crafts club

(6)        Home Economics club

(7)        Language club

Clubs & societies are conducted on every Thursday for the students of all the classes excepting class X & XII.

    1. Games:

a. Attendance in games is compulsory for all

b. Facilities for the following games are available.

(1) Cricket and Football

(2) Volleyball

(3) Handball

(4) Basketball

    1. Visiting TMSSCR

No student will come to the School on holidays without prior permission of Principal.

    1. Friends or relations:

Friends or relations are not allowed to enter TMSSCR both during and after the working hours.

    1. Use of Library:

a.  Students can use the library up to 3.00 pm on working days.

b. Can also use library during games period.(Obtaining permission from class teacher)

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